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Sunsetting the SC Network Dashboard

We are dropping support for SC Network Accounts & Birthday Synchronization. Read more about this decision.
Sunsetting the SC Network Dashboard
Screenshot of the old SCN Dashboard

Hi, welcome back!
Today, we're announcing we're sunsetting one of our older products called "SC Network Dashboard" (also including "SC Network Accounts" and "SCNX Birthday Sync"). This account improved the way customers were able to manage their digital identity across ScootKit and partner services, just as SCNX CustomBots, BetterGlobal and more. Features ranged from setting a global bio displayed across SCNX Custom- and Modmail-Bots to advanced birthday synchronization features across servers using the SCNX CustomBot birthday module. Additionally, the dashboard allowed insights into customer activity on servers using SCNX Statistics and allowed contribution to crowdsource databases with the possibility to earn small rewards, including Discord Nitro.

While we have stopped development of the SC Network Dashboard back in 2022 with the release of SCNX Dashboard V3, today we're removing all functionalities from all products, including the birthday module of SCNX. We continually strive to create the best possible experiences for our customers, but we weren't able to deliver the high expectations we set when announcing the original product. With the introduction of the SCNX Dashboard Version 3, big chunks of it became completely unusable, and our analytics showed that most customers were not interested in using this product. To allow us to focus on our core products and services, we've decided to drop support for the dashboard and some associated features.

View your stats across SCNX Servers in the SCNX Dashboard

As part of our transparency commitment, we've re-introduced the personal activity overview in SCNX. Simply click on your profile picture in the SCNX Dashboard (or click here) to see collected activity across servers using SCNX Statistics. To opt-out of collection of personally identifiable information across supported servers, follow our guide.

Changes for other SC Network Dashboard features

After careful consideration, we've decided that a complete removal of certain features of the dashboard is needed, including Birthday Synchronization. These features won't be integrated in to SCNX and will be removed from CustomBots starting 25/2/2024. We understand that some customers liked these features, but we believe that we can create a better product by removing them. Existing synced birthdays will be treated as local birthdays after applying the new update to your bot and can be managed by the commands of the birthday module. ScootKit will delete all personal information (like birthdays) from this product starting Q2 2024. Birthday calculations will still be available for now, but might be removed or redesigned in feature updates. You can request the export of this personal information by emailing [email protected] with a valid legal request, including identity verification.

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Thank you for helping us make ScootKit services better for everyone ✨