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Introducing: Forms for Modmail

We are happy to announce forms for Modmail: Easily collect responses from users without repeating the same questions all the time.

Suggested almost two years ago, we're happy to announce that forms are finally here: You can now use custom modals to collect formatted user-data without needing to repeat the same questions again and again.

These features now available and are included in the Active Guild and PRO-Plan. Learn more about pricing on SCNX.

Easily create a form in your Modmail-Dashboard

Screenshot of the SCNX Dashboard showing the Modmail form configuration
Manage forms easily in your Modmail Dashboard
Image showing the Modal-Editor in the SCNX Dashboard
Use Modals to easily collect user-data

Lunch forms in your ticket with /form


Left: User-Perspective. Right: Staff-Perspective

Just execute /form and select one of your configured forms to istantly request data from the user - you can even disable communication until they submitted their response. Once submitted, the response gets send into the ticket.

Lunch forms on Ticket-Topic-Selection

You can use ticket-topics to collect form-responses before the ticket gets opened. Users won't be able to open a ticket without submitting your form. Once submitted, your modmail will open the ticket and you'll be able to see the response in the ticket.


Screen-Recording of usage of forms at ticket-topic-selection

Lunch forms with snippets

You can automatically request a form from a user after executing a snippet. After setting it up once by specifying the optional "form"-parameter in your /snippet create or /snippet edit, your modmail will automatically request the specified form every time you execute this snippet with /s or /as.


Screen-Recording of usage of forms using /s execution