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New: Custom-Command-Elements

We are finally adding support for Custom-Command-Elements for everyone!

After a one-month trial for members with Early Access, we are making Custom-Command-Elements available for @everyone.

What are Custom-Command-Elements?

Custom-Commands-Elements allow your users to run a Custom-Command by selecting one value in a Select-Menu - see a demo below:


Demo of a Custom-Command-Element in Action

How do I create a Custom-Command-Element

1. Create a Custom-Command

To get started, create a new Custom-Command in your dashboard. Select the "Button or Select-Menu-Click" as a Trigger and add some actions that should get run when the command get's triggered. When done, enable the Custom-Command.

Example Custom-Command that can be used as a Select-Menu-Value

2. Create Custom-Command-Element

Next, chose any message in your bot: You can use any message in your bot's configuration or send a message using Login-As-Bot. After opening the message-editor, add a new Custom-Command-Element to your message, select your newly created Custom-Command and enter a value shown to users.

Message-Editor with Custom-Command-Element

Next, save/send the created message - users can now easily execute the Custom-Command by selecting a value in the Select-Menu directly in Discord 🚀.

Any questions, problems or issues?
Join our Discord and use the #support-Channel to ask our Team - we're always happy to help!