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Custom-Bot v3.8.0 - Staff-Goals and more

The newest version of CustomBot is available - CustomBot v3.8.0. It includes new features, modules, bug-fixes and improvements. Read about the most important changes here.
Custom-Bot v3.8.0 - Staff-Goals and more
Photo by Pradamas Gifarry / Unsplash

Welcome back!

Today, we've pushed a big update for our Custom-Bot. While we have multiple minor adjustments, improvements and fixed ("patches") over the last month, this updates introduces a new module making it a bigger update - that's why we are publishing this blog about it - all patchnotes can always be found in #scnx-changelog on our Discord - this article highlights all new features of the update in greater explanation, but will not cover every change.

Sessional Event: Christmas 🎄

It's christmas-season - we've added the option to let it snow in the dashboard - just enable the "Let it snow"-Toggle in the footer of your Dashboard and get comfortable with a cup of tea.

SCNX Dashboard with the "Let it snow"-option enabled

New Module: Staff-Goals

We've added a new module: Staff-Goals. Staff-Goals allows adminsitrators to set weekly goals for their staff-members. Once a week, staff-members will recive a notification about their progress. This module is very helpful for large servers to ensure activity in their team.

To get started, first enable the module in your SCNX-Dashboard. After that enable the Staff-Goals-Module, reload your configuration and open the module-config.

The Staff-Goals-Module-Configuration. Also: It snows.

Next, add your Staff-Roles - only roles added here will get notifications about their messages (and only data about users with the roles will get tracked). Additionally, you can customize the messages and other features of the module.  

After a reload, the module will be enabled - users will recive a notification about their staff-progress once a week. The first notification will be sent in exactly one week after enabling the module.

If a user wants to check their current progress on these goals, they can use /team-goals progress - they will see a message like this:

If they want to check their goals of the past week, they can use /team-goals history:

Please note that this is a test environment. Weeks are usually not duplicated.

If your users can not see these commands, please make sure you have properly set up the permissions of them - open your Server-Settings, click on "Integrations", select your Custom-Bot and modify the permissions.

You can also allow staff-members to see each other progress - just switch a toggle.


Continuing our efforts to improve user-experience in the SCNX Dashboard, we are happy to announce the new Emoji-Picker. It allows you to easily insert both custom- and discord-emotes directly in your message-editor. This is availbile for all modules and even the modmail bot (also integrations).

The Emoji-Selector in action. Once again, it snows.

More Custom-Bot-Fixes

Between these bigger updates, we work on a lot of smaller issues and improvements. We document them in #scnx-changelog on our Discord. Here are the most important ones:

  • Improved configuration loading & localization
  • Moderation: You can now easily disable nickname-edits on mute and quarantine
  • You can now purge the database of a module directly in your dashboard
  • Welcomer & Boosts: Some parameters were not replaced correctly. We've fixed that
  • Moderation: JoinGate did not always work well with Join-Roles from welcomer - we've improved that
  • Auto-Delete: You can no set up the bot to always keep x messages in a channel
  • Team-List: You can now have multiple channels with individual team-lists
  • Welcomer: Welcome-Button
  • Betterstatus: You can now set a custom streaming-url
  • A lot more bug-fixes and improvements - read our complete change-log in #scnx-changelog on our Discord

Thank you for using SCNX - we are always working on improving our products and services, so stay tuned for future updates.

Thanks so much to our beta-testers for testing this and other releases.