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SC Network is now Scootkit

We've decided to rename ourselves to "scootkit" - we have written down some more insights about this change
SC Network is now Scootkit
We are still rolling-out these changes. It may take multiple weeks for branding to change everywhere. 

Almost four years ago, I registered sc-netzwerk.de because I wanted to start a weird project called "Smart City". It failed miserably. We don't talk about that. Seriously, mention it and I will ghost you... Anyway, back to the topic: I was not really feeling that name in the last few years. So I started looking for something new. After a few weeks of search, brainstorming and more I gave up and spend more than a hundred dollars (if you followed our recent announcement in #scnx-changelog this was not included in the calculations there) to rebrand from "SC Network" to "ScootKit".

So, why scootkit?

First of all was the need of a new name. After almost two full weeks of brainstorming I haven't found any good names that were not taken - so I used an AI to generate some - and I've found "scootkit". I liked this name because it's pretty fun to pronounce "Scoot-Kit" (try to read it out loud and speak it fast) and it sounded at least a bit professional. So I settled for the name and registered all domains, purchases a Brand-Guide and more - "scootkit" was born.

But what does "scootkit" even mean?

Well, that's up to you. "Scoot" is defined as "go somewhere quickly." and kit as "a set equipment needed for a specific purpose." - that didn't really help. The last part fits pretty much to us - we built software, mostly services (you could also call them "tools"), to help communities, companies and individuals. As our services are designed to be as easy and comfortable as possible, you could argue that users are quite excited to use them in their daily lives.

Originally we wanted to completely redesign our whole brand, including the logo. But to preserve at least some connection to our old branding, we've decided to leave the Code-Icon untouched (except of course the color change).
We also made the text of our logo more fun (by making it a gradient) and greatly reduced the complex background to a simple color - black. This makes it easier to remove the background all together which comes in handy in certain situation (like webdevelopment).

Before and after

As you can see, our new logo looks quite more professional without the weird glitch-effect in the name. We've also ditched the slogan in favor of a cleaner design. The Code-Icon is also more compact and closer to the text to increase the minimalistic feel.

Will you still continue using the old "SC Network" brand?

Yes. We do not plan to migrate all of our services, at least for now. We'll continue offering "SC Network Profiles" (allows users to set a bio & sync their birthday between their servers) under the current "SC Network" brand as most of our users there are not actively engaged in our community and we don't want to confuse them. Similarly, we are (at least not for now) changing anything about SC Network Memberships as we are still working on a better system for handling them.

SCNX, our most popular service, will continued to offered as usual, but every mention of "SC Network" will be replaced. The full name of SCNX will therefore be now "SCNX by Scootkit" - this may take a few takes to roll out.

What this means for you?

Easy: Everywhere were we talked about "SC Network" it now (or should soon) say "scootkit". The legal operator of our services does not change, you do not need to re-sign any contracts or agreements with us - don't worry.

Thanks for using SC Network ScootKit-Services!

Feel free to share your opinion about these changes below in the comments!