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scnetwork.site is now not longer available

We are dropping support for scnetwork.site-Websites. Read more about this decision.
scnetwork.site is now not longer available
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Back when we started with SCNX in 2020, we built SCNX to be the go-to-place for Discord-Communities. Our original launch only included a basic Modmail-Bot. After that, we built a lot of prototypes for other features, like Custom-Bot, SCNX-Blogs & scnetwork.site. While these prototypes were fun to build, it takes a lot of time to actually make these prototypes easy-to-use production-ready products. We've archived that since with our new Modmail V2, new SCNX Dashboard and, of course, our Custom-Bot - all of these are built for users to use with user-experience in mind.

Since then, we offered a legacy-version of scnetwork.site with the long-term goal to rebuild scnetwork.site at some point. Unfortunately, we have to announce today, that we are canceling this plan and dropping support for scnetwork.site.

What even is scnetwork.site?

scnetwork.site was a website-builder. It allowed users to create a basic landing-page for their Discord-Server. It was built into the old SCNX v2 Dashboard (currently we are on Version 3), meaning that only the serverowner could create a so called "legacy session" to manage their website.

What does this mean for me?

Only around 5% of our users have actually ever used this feature, so you are likely to be unaffected. If you have an scnetwork.site-Website, it will stop working in the following days. A message about the discontinuation of scnetwork.site linking to this blog-post will be shown. The legacy-session option in your scnx.app dashboard will disappear in the following weeks.

Why are you discontinuing scnetwork.site?

After some time, we have looked at publicly available options for website-building and the time needed to rebuild scnetwork.site and make it somewhat competitive compared to other available options. We have come to the conclusion, that this work is not worth it - it would be way smarter to invest the time and money in further improving our existing services, like the SCNX-Dashboard, Modmail or Custom-Bot. As only a very small percentage of our users are actually using scnetwork.site currently, we do not see very negative effects for our existing users.

Thank you for using SCNX. We are always working on improving our services and are planning more cool features - website-builders won't be one of them, unfortunately.

Effects on the old dashboard

You might remember to old SCNX Dashboard (V2). It had an image as background and was in use before the release of the new version on 2022/03/14. Since then, we've migrated all features expect scnetwork.site to our new version. Because we are dropping scnetwork.site in the following days, all data from the old dashboard will be deleted. If you want to request a data export of your old data (before 2022/03/14), this is the last chance to do so. Your data will probably only contain some meta-data and your scnetwork.site configuration. To request an export, please contact [email protected]. In accordance with German law, we might need to verify your identity using a government-issued ID document.