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SCNX: Important changes for the free Starter Plan

Today we're announcing new important changes for servers on the free SCNX-Starter-Plan.
SCNX: Important changes for the free Starter Plan
Photo by Andrew Neel / Unsplash

Hi, welcome back, thanks for using SCN!

Welcome back - thanks for using SCNX! Today, we are announcing some new changes regarding how we handle servers on the free Starter-Plan. These changes will make SCNX more sustainable in the future and are required in order for us to continue offering a free plan.

Why these changes?

Currently, we are losing money on SCNX - we don't earn enough to cover our costs. We have announced this back in August. Since then, nothing has really changes, so we had to rethink the way we thread not-paying servers. Most of our users never payed a dime to use SCNX and are a waste of our money (speaking financially, we still love these servers <3). But we understand that not everyone can pay 3€ / month for a Discord-Bot. Because of this, we have aimed to find a fair compromise: Introducing: Ad-Supported Starter-Plans.

What exactly is going to change?

Starting today, servers without a plan need to watch a short video-advertisment every 7 day to keep their bots online. To make transitioning easy, we rolled this feature out slowly over the last week and granted every server a grace-period. Watching ads can be done easily in the Pricing-Panel of any server on SCNX. You can also set up notifications there, so you never miss to extend your free-plan. Servers with a payed plan (such as Aktiv Guild or Pro) are not affected at all.


Please read our German or English FAQ-Article to learn more about how the Ad-Supported Starter-Plan works. If you have any questions left after that, feel free to ask on our Discord. If you have any general questions about SCNX, please visit scnx.app/help.