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New: Advertisement on SCNX

We have improved the way we allow you to advertise on SCNX - read more about these changes here
New: Advertisement on SCNX
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Just a small reminder: SCNX Bots (both Custom- and Modmail-Bots) are completely free for third-party-advertisement. This article talks about advertisement in the SCNX-Dashboard.

Welcome back! Today we are releasing a new feature for SCNX: Improved Advertisement. Working together with our existing partners and members, we have increased effectiveness, advertiser-experience and the general system behind our advertisement infrastructure.  

These changes were necessary, as ads could only be created by members with Level 4 (20€ / month). While we did not want to remove the advertising-perk of this membership-plan, it was quite inflexible. The 20€ monthly fee was quite high and only one ad per user was possible. We have fixed these issues, created a better interface (which is also available in German) and added new features.

Changes in Detail

View- and Click-based pricing

The Membership Level 4 still includes one free, unlimited Dashboard-Ad.

We have introduced some new features to allow greater control of Ad-Budgets. First of all, you can top-up your new-Ad-Balance. This balance will be used to fund your advertisements. You can set individual (monthly) ad-limits on every one of your ads, which allows you to split up your ad-balance between multiple ads as you want. These limits reset on the first of every month.

Faster & Better Support for Advertisers

We have added a whole new category for Advertisers to our Support-Bot and even allow advertisers to contact us on Whatsapp (please note that we'll only answer questions about advertisements).

Easier Ad-Panel

We have improved the ad-creation-process, payment and the ad-panel in general massively. It is fully translated to German, offers previews and intuitive systems for ad-creation and you can pause, edit and archive your ads - none of this was possible in the old version. Additionally, you can see ad-states and stats and click-rates of your ads.

Easier Dashboard-Ads

What are Dashboard-Ads?

A Dashboard-Ad looks like this and is shown to users in their Dashboard-Guild-Pages in the bottom left corner. It can advertise any server on SCNX or a URL. You can customise the text & image of the ad.

We have optimised the creation-process of Dashboard-Ads, changed the image ratio (from 3:1 to 16:9), generally improved loading-speeds and limited the amount of ads loaded. This results to a great user experience - both for end-users and advertisers.

New Ad-Type: Checkin-Video-Ads

These ads are part of an upcoming change for servers on the Starter-Plan. These changes can be basically summarised as the following: Servers without a plan need to watch a short (15-30s) Advertisement-Video every 7 days to keep their bot running. That's where you come in: You can create these Advertisement-Videos. They need to be in the 16:9-format and between 15-60 seconds long. Similar to Dashboard-Ads, you can advertise servers and websites - you can also add a custom text below your video. You can see a preview in your ad-panel.
These Checkin-Videos offer a direct connection to your potential customers as you actively pay for their hosting costs. This allows us to become more financially stable and you to build a special connection to your users.

We hope you find these new features helpful and we hope you check out more details about advertising on SCNX here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Advertisement-Support-Team - you can find details about them in your Ad-Dashboard.
If you have any feedback on these new changes, we are happy to hear it - feel free to send them on our Discord.